Lands Of Magic

Come and join lands_of_magic. A land comm based around the shows Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. There are three teams. Fairytale Land, Wonderland and Neverland (the best one ever, not that I'm biased or anything!). Sign Up today to join the fun!

Knights In Armour

Become a Knight at knightsinarmour and help your team concur all. There are five teams: Team Elyan, Team Gwaine, Team Lancelot, Team Leon and Team Percival

We’ve already had some super fun challenges (knights fashion) being my favourite so far, and there are loads more to come. So what are you waiting for sign up today!!

If you do sign up PLEASE mention jungle_ride sent you, and JOIN TEAM PERCIVAL WE’RE THE BEST!! NO SLEEVES REQUIRED!! (or Elyan I know their desperate for more members).

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Usagi (faith)

Sailor Moon Land

Fighting evil by moon light, winning love by daylight sailormoonland is an awesome land comm that is not only perfect and flawless if you love Sailor Moon and interacting with others who share your interested but also if you enjoy a WIDE (and I really do mean wide) variety of challenges. With so many great, different and inventive challenges to take part in you’re never short of something new and fun to do.

So what are you waiting for? Time to ‘Moon Prism Power Make Up’! Let them know jungle_ride sent you ♥