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23 April 2012 @ 04:06 pm
Red Eye Recs 4/4  

done for film_land

*spoilers for the movie*


Ordered by length, rating (highest-lowest) and alphabetise via title name.
Most of the fics contain the Lisa/Jackson pairing in someway or another (one-sided, inclusions, interpretation etc), mainly though it’s fully formed in its perfectly awesome twisted way =D

One Shorts
{Rating M}

Title: Alla Prima
Author: silentsister
Summary: Their fights were generally spectacular...as if by quarreling over the small things they could avoid the elephants in the room.
Extract: He always gave her a choice, one way or another, a concession to the demons she continued to vanquish in fits and starts, some of them his own creations. She sought his face with her left hand; found it, traced the line of his jaw, drew him back up until his face hovered over hers.

Title: Banish The Demon
Author: Solain Rhyo
Summary: All that tension between Jackson and Lisa had to turn into something
Extract: The words they'd exchanged had been brief, terse, taut with emotions on one side restrained and kept in check and on the other raw and wavering. When he said her name in that oh-so-familiar taunting manner she wanted to claw his eyes from his head, but instead she met his mocking manner with a cold, unperturbed front of his own.

Title: Vide Cor Meum
Author: EmpireX
Summary: The evolution of a sexual relationship.
Extract: Here it is. It was fear of this conversation, this expected sharing of one's self with a sexual partner, this intimacy, that had kept him from forging any lasting relationships for the better part of a decade.

Title: Dream Unwanted
Author: Solain Rhyo
Summary: She may have hated him, but that didn't mean that some small part of her didn't want him
Extract: Sex is just sex.
Or so she told herself, pinned tightly against the wall of a small airplane bathroom, staring breathless into the cold and empty eyes of a man she both feared and hated.

{Rating T}

Title: Aftermath
Author: LadyScribe
Summary: Lisa's life after the incident.
Extract: She wondered if he thought of her when he ate scrambled eggs, drank vodka, or watched old movies. She wondered if he wanted to kill her for thwarting him or admired her for doing so. She wondered if he even thought of her at all, and then wondered why she cared.

Title: A Long Walk Alone In The Dark
Author: Random Battlecry
Summary: The scene in the airplane bathroom goes a little differently.
Extract: For a split second, his quirk of a smile was reflected in a flicker of her eyes; then she took advantage of his distraction to wrench her face out of his grasp. His fingernails scored light red lines in her skin, and she lurched away from him, one hand covering the scratches.

Title: Aversion
Author: Saturn Bracelet
Summary: It is during these moments that Lisa thinks she could fall in love with Jackson.
Extract: She's not particularly happy to see him when he shows up out of the blue. When he lets himself into her apartment and waits for her to get home from work, she is more annoyed than excited to see him. This is probably owed more to the fact that he usually only stays for a night … maybe two at the most … before he leaves again.

Title: Ceci_Nest_Pas_Vie
Author: Rynn Abhorsen
Summary: Each moment with him was its' own little, tiny suicide. But she had known from the beginning that there wouldn't be a happy ending.
Extract: He was like quicksand, she decided, with her spine pressed to the kitchen wall. She had taken one step and she was irrevocably lost. She could not pull her way out. Not that she wanted to.

Title: Deus Ex Machina
Author: Cooking Spray
Summary: Insight on what Jackson might've been thinking as he lay dying on the Reiserts' floor. A metaphorical soliloquy in first person.
Extract: Ah, I see how it is - the holy little angel doesn't want to get involved with high handed Lucifer. It'd tarnish her reputation, I suppose. Don't worry, I understand. But let me tell you something - there's a little blood on your hands, and it sure as hell isn't yours.

Title: One Last Detail
Author: A Pisces Alone
Summary: A few minutes' time between Lisa and Jackson during the flight, just after her final phone call. Jackson is always thinking ahead.
Extract: He threw her another sidelong glance, which she ignored. There was one more thing he might attempt. Something that might serve him well in the future if need be…and only if he could persuade her. A last detail…

Title: On Good Days
Author: Bunnies Made Me Do It
Summary:On good days, she sleeps with a knife under her pillow.
Extract: "That one is too big. It'll do you more damage than good," he remarks before moving towards her. Lisa jumps startled and almost molds herself into the wall as he passes her with a raised eyebrow and disappears into the kitchen, and then he's back with a much smaller knife which he thrusts into her trembling hand.

Title: Pathetic
Author: rainbowishprincess
Summary: Jackson thinks about her constantly, obsessively, aggressively. And the thoughts are always the same. She always wants more.
Extract: When he lays awake at night, the only thing that pacifies him and lures him to sleep is either the thought of killing Lisa or fucking her. Maybe fucking and then killing. Never against her will, though, not in his mind, she always cried, always wanted more.

Title: Scenes from a Former Existence
Author: Random Battlecry
Summary: Premovie. Jackson watches Lisa's every move, and yet still learns less about her than he would like.
Extract: He crept close to her bedroom window to look in on her, stared for a while at her outstretched arm, the fingers crooked as though they were beckoning him in.
So kind of you to invite me—

Title: Silent Scream
Author: Chelsey Nova
Summary: God, he loves it when she screams.
Extract: Her cries are sublime poetry, threatening to envelop him completely with their piercing rhythm. They are a string of twisted lullabies, haunting melodies that numb his senses to sleep. His very own Siren's song. He knows if he listens too carefully, he will meet his untimely death; his body will surrender and splatter among the jagged rocks of her deadly shore.

Title: Sit Stay Lie Down
Author: Brunette Inc
Summary: You don't love Jackson Rippner the same way you love other people. You love him the way a dog loves her master.
Extract: He would go crazy without her, but she knows - and he knows - he'd go crazy with her. He'd lose it because he'd lose control over her. Jackson Rippner has a physical need to be in control.

Author: Muse Writer Struggle
Summary: It wasn't happily ever after. But neither of them wanted a fairy tale.
Extract: It was a different game, with much higher stakes, and much more rewarding satisfaction. She didn't hold back, and he didn't give in. It was endless and over too soon. He bit, and she clawed, he kissed, and she clung.

Title:The Dream
Author: Therese Jane
Summary: Lisa dreams a dream of disturbia
Extract: Lisa should not be relishing in the carnage of it all, but the blood cools her skin and she feels the fever of fright wash away. The blood thirst in her eyes nearly matches his own.

Title: At The End Of The World
Author:Alice In June
Summary:Ever wondered what would have happened if the hockey stick scene went a little differently
Extract: You push her against the wall with a familiar growl and she helps you do it. What is usually a beautiful expression of love is now an indication of something animal. You both try to suck out every bit of soul the other has.

Title: This Is Not A Fighting Song
Author: Brad Faery
Summary:The first time, they didn't talk at all.
Extract: He waits for her just inside the room. Jacket off, hands empty. She lunges for him, weapons abandoned. She uses her fists, her nails. She pounds his chest, claws his face. He absorbs it without a sound. They end up on the floor, her straddling him, screaming out her pain. He makes no move to defend himself.

{Rating PG-13}

Title: Cat and Mouse
Author: pantlesspockets
Summary:He never touches her the way she wants.
Extract: He never touches her the way she wants. He toys with her wrists, uses his knee to shove her legs apart, but it's never enough. She wants biting and kissing, bruises and claw marks.

Title: In the Kitchen with a Killer
Author: pinkceptional
Summary: The first eight weeks were longer than strictly professional, the second were obsessive, but Jackson had always had an affection for symmetry... and indulgence.
Extract: “Took you long enough,” she forced out, hardening her voice to the same steel as the blade in her hand.

Jackson smirked. “Your invitation had me musing a while. You know I don’t actually need one.”

Title: Take a Deep Breath (And Count to Ten)
Author: pantlesspockets
Summary:She has nightmares far too often now and they’re always about him.
Extract: He causes a fire in her stomach, makes her want to scratch his skin until it bleeds. He never kisses her, but he always comes close, and she can never get herself to press closer.

{Rating K+}

Title: Hard_To_Say_It
Author: Sawyer Eppes
Summary: He came to her with a proposition that she knew she had no other choice but to accept.
Extract: Reaching out a hand, the fingers brushing through her wet tresses, she stared up at him expectantly. Jackson was silent at first, brushing her wet hair from her face.

"You know why I'm here," he finally said, his voice still a bit raspy from the wound she had inflicted upon him two months again.

"To steal me away," she answered unflinching.

Title: Inevitable
Author: Random Battlecry
Summary:Lisa thinks seriously about her life with Jackson, or the possibility of one, or something along those lines.
Extract: Time grabs you by the wrist and tells you where to go. It's the weight of him and that sneaky smile, and that joviality of nature when we met. And a terrible warmth when our wills clashed. The warmth wasn't him; the warmth was from me.

Author: Blodeuedd
Summary: Wouldn't you be a little speechless if you happened to be stabbed in the throat with a ballpoint pen by someone you had thought to be under your control? Jackson Rippner certainly is.
Extract: The volatility of a human being under duress had always fascinated him. Beneath the layers and years of suburban indolence and glutinous satisfaction was a fiery well of strength, an ancient resource that would remain untapped until the keen press of peril made defensive action an urgent necessity.

{Rating K}

Title: Away
Author: Chelsey Nova
Summary: His hand reached for her, and whether it was in an attempt to strangle her or caress her, she didn't know. She didn't care. She just needed to feel his touch.
Extract: He was etched vividly in her memories, buried deeply within her mind, a poisoned seed that had been planted, and would continue to grow until one day it would erupt and take over her entire being.

{Rating T}

Title: Taken
Author: TheShoelessOne
Summary: Both Lisa and Jackson find that they are taken, in very different ways. She, taken to somewhere unknown. He, taken with her.
Extract: She gasped and leapt from her seat beside his bed. His bright blue eyes had suddenly opened and were staring leisurely at her. The respirator was gone from his mouth, and she could discern the raspy voice rattling from his punctured throat.

"And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King-"

Title: The Knight on the Landing
Author: Random Battlecry
Summary:She'd sworn it would never happen to her again. For every decision, there are two courses of action. Two choices open to her, two roads. In short, upstairs or down.
Extract: He had a fever and she woke up sweating. He thrashed and turned and screamed and she had nightmares. There was a knight on the landing and the sword swung both ways. She could duck it the first time, but it always cut her in two before she could escape out the door.
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