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23 April 2012 @ 04:10 pm
Red Eye Recs 2/4  

done for film_land

*spoilers for the movie*


Click on image art to go to the mix itself.

Something that always continues to amaze me about viders is their ability to go deeper into the characters and plot by overlaying and editing clips to music and in some cases create a whole new story with them. The videos below are perfect examples of that.

Title: What Have You Done?
Artist: vidiliciousbabe
Why You Should Watch: Perfect song choice, the editing is brilliant both in terms of lyrics and beat and I really love the coloring and emphasis on the sexual tension between Jackson and Lisa

Title: Space Bound
Artist: MissBloowly
Why You Should Watch: Song choice is perfection and the editing colouring, atmosphere, overlays everything is flawless! Your bound to watch it 10 times in a row.

Title: I'll Be Your Greatest Fear
Artist: summersparkle2
Why You Should Watch: The overlaying of black and white clips over colour ones to the beat of the music is brilliant and once again the clip choices are perfect for the lyrics.

Title: My Road
Artist: thefairy5456
Why You Should Watch: I love the atmosphere of this video, it has a lovely surreal quality to it which is created by the shadowy quality to the clips from colouring and the simple effects and eerie music choice.

Title: To Lisa, Jackson
Artist: LorienGaladriel
Why You Should Watch: This video centers around Jackson writing a letter to Lisa and OMG the atmosphere that’s created with the clips instrumental music and voice over is fantastic!

Title: Recessional
Artist: KetariFang
Why You Should Watch: This video is Lisa and Jack meting again, 5 years after the events of the movie and it out of this world! Fantastically edited, the manips are brilliant, the colouring is atmospheric and matches the story and song choice (which is simply gorgeous) flawlessly. My favourite part is 0.39-0.54, perfect lyrics to describe the whole Jackson/Lisa paring “I know I don’t want this, oh I swear I don’t what this, there’s a reason not to want this, but I forgot.”

Title: Red Eye; Jack+Lisa
Artist: vidiliciousbabe
Why You Should Watch: So beautiful! Completely atmospheric with gorgeous editing, colouring and music. I also love the use of the voice over at the start.

Title: Catch You
Artist: LorienGaladriel
Why You Should Watch: The colouring of the clips is gorgeous and is a great overview of the movie itself.

Title: Cold
Artist: LaraGothicPrincess
Why You Should Watch: This is a preview and I really do hope it gets completed because so far it’s awesome! The song choice is golden and the editing and effects are great. Usually I’m not a fan when lots of effects are used as it can be a bit on an onslaught on the eyes but it really works well in this video, creating a different kind of atmosphere.

Title: In The End
Artist: ImGeneParmesan
Why You Should Watch: Perfect song for this movie and well edited.

Title: Jackson Rippner // Why Do I Do That?
Artist: AliceLargo
Why You Should Watch: Focusing on Jackson, which in itself is refreshing, this vidlet is well edited and as I’ve said it’s always nice to see something different.