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jungle_ride's Journal

22 September
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About Me

{our song is over and heavy}
Fandom'sLand comm'sWhat I Do In The Fandoms
Hey I’m Rebecca (Becky). I’m very much into the arts and can often be found going to see a musical, play, ballet, dance show, opera, art exhibitions, music gigs etc. I enjoy a wide range of music, books, films and theatre and won’t rule anything out, I’ll give anything a go once.

I’m extremely family orientated and I’d much rather be speeding time with my family than doing anything else. Animals are another great love of mine; I was brought up with tons of animals in my life so they are important to me. Currently I have a puppy called Freya (who is the most affectionate and loving soul I’ve ever meet)

10th Kingdom
90’s Cartoons (Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Batman etc):
Big Bang Theory
Dawson’s Creek
Disney/Animated films
Downton Abbey
Gossip Girl
Harry Potter
Modern Family
One Tree Hill
Once Upon A Time
Sailor Moon
Teen Wolf
Quantum Leap

beacon_hills Team Werewolves
cinema_land Team Rom Com
knightsinarmour Team Percival
merlin_land Team Morgana
onceuponalandTeam Snow
womenverse Team Combat Boots
Within the fandom world I write fanfiction, create fanmixs and fanvids and generally flail and squee all over the place. You can find links to my fanwork journals below.

Fanfiction Journal
Fanmix Journal
Fanvid Journal